IT FEELS GOOD TO HAMMER ONE DOWN! Day Trading live this afternoon and taking $GALT down. I also had a short on $MYO that backfired on me. I went to a meeting and left 1,000 shares short with a cover at 3.80 and got stopped out. Giving up $200 profit. I just really needed a solid day like today to get my mind straight. I need to be hammering these stocks with large size and conviction!

Trading Crypto Currency LIVE! BITCOIN CASH 100% MOVE!!!!

What a wild night Trading Crypto Currency on a Saturday night at 2am and locking in 55% profit on this volatile Bitcoin Cash move. Bitcoin Cash has been making some crazy moves the last couple days and I saw an opportunity to capitalize on this move. My goal was to acquire more LiteCoin as Bitcoin Cash rised and Litecoin/Bitcoin fell over night. After 4 hours I managed to grab more Litecoin and profit over 55% on this Move!

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