IT FEELS GOOD TO HAMMER ONE DOWN! Day Trading live this afternoon and taking $GALT down. I also had a short on $MYO that backfired on me. I went to a meeting and left 1,000 shares short with a cover at 3.80 and got stopped out. Giving up $200 profit. I just really needed a solid day like today to get my mind straight. I need to be hammering these stocks with large size and conviction!

Day Trading Trends! FIND THE TREND!

Day Trading Trends and how to find the trend! Identifying a Stock’s Trend is important when your looking to go long or short a stock. Riding the wave or the trend is key to locking in Profits over time. Betting against the trend can lead to riskier trades and result in more loses. Sure you might not short the top or buy the bottom but its safer to find the trend and plan your trade off of that. Day Trading takes time and experience to become profitable but if you continue to learn you will!