IT FEELS GOOD TO HAMMER ONE DOWN! Day Trading live this afternoon and taking $GALT down. I also had a short on $MYO that backfired on me. I went to a meeting and left 1,000 shares short with a cover at 3.80 and got stopped out. Giving up $200 profit. I just really needed a solid day like today to get my mind straight. I need to be hammering these stocks with large size and conviction!

Trading Crypto Currency LIVE! BITCOIN CASH 100% MOVE!!!!

What a wild night Trading Crypto Currency on a Saturday night at 2am and locking in 55% profit on this volatile Bitcoin Cash move. Bitcoin Cash has been making some crazy moves the last couple days and I saw an opportunity to capitalize on this move. My goal was to acquire more LiteCoin as Bitcoin Cash rised and Litecoin/Bitcoin fell over night. After 4 hours I managed to grab more Litecoin and profit over 55% on this Move!

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Day Trading rules I follow every single day. I’ve been working on constantly following these rules to help me become a consistently profitable trader. You wont see me making huge returns fast but you’ll see me consistently growing my account. If follow these simple rules when Day Trading in the Stock Market you can profitable as well! Greed will always be your worst enemy! You have to be able to control your emotions and follow these rules!