Day Trading Trends! FIND THE TREND!

Day Trading Trends and how to find the trend! Identifying a Stock’s Trend is important when your looking to go long or short a stock. Riding the wave or the trend is key to locking in Profits over time. Betting against the trend can lead to riskier trades and result in more loses. Sure you might not short the top or buy the bottom but its safer to find the trend and plan your trade off of that. Day Trading takes time and experience to become profitable but if you continue to learn you will!


Day Trading rules I follow every single day. I’ve been working on constantly following these rules to help me become a consistently profitable trader. You wont see me making huge returns fast but you’ll see me consistently growing my account. If follow these simple rules when Day Trading in the Stock Market you can profitable as well! Greed will always be your worst enemy! You have to be able to control your emotions and follow these rules!