Important Day Trading Hot Keys Day Trading Hot Keys are important! If your not using Hot Keys to Day Trade today your losing money. The split second difference using Hot Keys compared to manually entering orders can be a huge difference in Profit when trading Momentum Stocks. When I first started Trading I wasn't sold on Hot Keys but … Continue reading Important Day Trading Hot Keys

Descending Triangle Talking about the Descending Triangle Pattern and how to use it in this video. The Descending Triangle is an easy to spot pattern for Day Traders. You can use this pattern to go Long or look to cover your short if the stock wants to go higher. I used the Descending Triangle yesterday on … Continue reading Descending Triangle

How To Become A BETTER DAY TRADER TOMORROW! How to Become a Better Day Trader Tomorrow? Well its simple really just make it to tomorrow. You can't blow up your account and stop trading today if you want to become a better Day Trader. So many new Traders start trading and end up quitting after a short time. How do you ever … Continue reading How To Become A BETTER DAY TRADER TOMORROW!

How to Read CandleStick Charts! If your trying to become a Profitable DayTrader you need to understand how to Read Stock Chart CandleSticks. This one of the fundamentals of Day Trading Stocks! Candle Sticks show us the price action of any given stock showing the opening and closing price of that chart time frame in real time. Trading off … Continue reading How to Read CandleStick Charts!