5/4/17 Small Account DayTrading Recap 1,172.72 PROFIT ON SOME BIG MOVERS!

Yes this recap is for 5/4/17 not 4/3/17 like the video says. I forget what date is as I never leave my office and just look at computer screens all day. Amazing day today taking down some decent profit in my Small account. I could of easily been up 2000-3000 dollars if I just let my winners run though! Talk about frustrating and I keep talking about this but not changing. So my new goal is to really focus on taking Profit higher and letting these runners run.

Our official alerts in ChatRoom made 49% PROFIT today for our members. If your interested in FREE 3 Day Trial just head on over to http://plandaytradeprofit.com Unlike most chatrooms we ALERT BEFORE THE MOVE! NO PUMPING

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