The 1,000 Dollar DayTrading Account Challenge Begins!


The question that I get asked the most is “Whats the minimum amount you can start day trading with?” Well theoretically you could start with 100 dollars. Is it going to be a painstakingly slow process? Yes yes it is. A more reasonable starting point is 1-2K dollars to start.

Ive decided to start with $1,000 and strictly follow our Chat Room Alerts just like our members receive! Its going to be grueling once again trading a small account but I’m looking forward to applying all the knowledge I gained over the last year. Following the Chat Room alerts to the T and growing this account.

Make sure you subscribe to my channel to follow along and see daily results! Remember I’m only going to be trading the exact same alerts you would receive if you signed up for our chat room!

Want to find out more about our alerts? Email INFO@PLANDAYTRADEPROFIT.COM

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